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Mark Steiger, President of Pink Pistols Twin Cities, will also be on KTLK 1130 Thursday morning at approximately 7:50am. Please listen in and..

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Pink Pistols: where gay rights and gun rights meet

We made the pioneer press :). The article should be printed this Sunday, but made the online edition earlier today http://www.twincities.com/2016/07/26/pink-pistols-gun-club-twin-cities-minneapolis-stpaul/

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Thanks to everyone who came today. A great turnout with lots of new faces

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Thanks to everyone who came to our carry class today and everyone who helped us out. Based on some of the comments, we’ll try to do some sort..

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Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance

Both parties are trying to limit people’s second amendment rights. Make sure to make calls to your representatives to stop this.

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